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  • Tytuł: RYOBI Lithium 18V autoshift wkretarka - wiertarka (numer 863196371)
  • Cena: 1199,00 zł
  • Data wystawienia: 2009-12-23
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RYOBI Lithium 18V autoshift wkretarka - wiertarka

Treść aukcji:

Simplicity meets optimum performance. The new RYOBI® Lithium-ion 18V Drill with AutoShift™ makes drilling and driving easier and faster because you don’t have to choose which speed to use. AutoShift™ improves performance and prolongs the life of the drill by automatically performing in the optimum setting. This innovative drill offers twice the performance, is twice as easy to use, and it extends motor life. Plus, it’s compatible with the Ryobi® One+™ System Lithium-ion battery. The set includes a P250 AutoShift™ drill and bit, P113 dual chemistry charger, P104 Lithium-ion battery, P103 compact Lithium-ion battery, tool bag and an operator’s manual.

• P250 AutoShift Drill™
• Saves time by automatically operating at optimal setting

• Automatic gearbox shifts to match any application

• Heavy duty motor delivers speed and torque on demand

• LED changes from Speed to Power when drill auto-shifts

• 1/2 in. single sleeve chuck; 24 position clutch

P113 Dual Chemistry Charger

• Dual chemistry charges all ONE+ batteries in 1 hour or less

• Diagnostic readout provides battery status

P104 Lithium-Ion Battery

• 2X Performance for extended run-time applications

• Holds charge 4X Longer optimizing charge cycle

• On-board fuel gauge to Check your Charge™

• Compatible with all Ryobi ONE+ 18V products

P103 Compact Lithium-Ion Battery

• 20% more Performance**

• Lighter weight reduces user fatigue

• Smaller size allows use in tight areas

• Compatible with all Ryobi ONE+ 18V products

** Compared to ONE+™ NiCd Battery

- Drill -
Motor: 18V
Chuck: 1/2 inch Heavy Duty
Speed: 0-450/0-1500 RPM (no load speed)
Weight: 3.75 lbs.

- Charger -
Battery: 18V Li-Ion or Ni-Cd
1 h fast chargering
P250 AutoShift™ Drill and Bit
P113 Dual Chemistry Charger
P104 Lithium-Ion Battery
P103 Compact Lithium-Ion Battery
Tool Bag
Operator's Manuals

SPRAWDZ LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiDE2fBQh-0
SPRAWDZ LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbFGFVyV7Qw&feature=related


Powyższy cytat pochodzi ze strony: http://allegro.pl/item863196371.html